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The loading system.

Designed for hard work.

The robust tool carrier, clearly visible from the SCORPION cab, is ideal for all operating conditions. Robust locking pins (50 mm) ensure the secure, low-wear attachment of all mounted implements, mechanical or hydraulic as preferred. The hydraulic connections are easily accessible and well protected.

150-degree dump-out angle.

The larger than usual tool carrier rotation angle of 150° is ideal for bulk material unloading operations, particularly with sticky goods and materials. The SCORPION 1033 and 1033 VARIPOWER models are optimised for high stacking tasks, and therefore have a slightly smaller rotation angle of 126°.

Large rotation angle of 150°…

… for easier unloading of bulk materials

Extended to 9.75 m.

The boom has excellent torsion resistance, so work can proceed without problems even close to capability limits. Carrying capacity remains impressive even at maximum extension. The brush on the boom prevents any build-up of dirt during retraction. A side boom is available on all SCORPION models.

No possibility of bouncing.

While the machine is moving, oscillation damping of the boom prevents any bouncing problems. The function can be activated with a rocker switch at any ground speed. In automatic mode, it is automatically switched off at speeds of below 7 km/h, to allow accurate working with heavy loads.

Capacity utilisation display always available.

The load display complies with EN 15000, and is positioned for maximum visibility on the A-pillar. An easily understandable visual system provides a clear indication to the operator of exactly what zone the machine is currently operating in: Green means everything is fine, green-amber indicates that the stability limit has been reached and green-amber-red warns of a risk of tipping over.

Lifting capacity (kg)33004100360032003500
Lifting height (mm)97506930693069306130

Hydraulic system.

Whatever the requirement may be – heavy lifting or fast loading – the SCORPION has powerful working hydraulics with joystick operation (including electrohydraulic pilot control in VARIPOWER models) for maximum power and performance.

The proportional valves – load-independent in the case of VARIPOWER – provide precise control of all hydraulic functions of the loading system.

Strong up front.

For attached implements with a double-acting control circuit, such as sweepers or grab shovel, the SCORPION has additional control circuits with capacity of up to 160 l/min. Two double-acting hydraulics connections can be safely attached directly to the implement carrier if required. An overflow oil line and free flow return line are available as optional equipment.

  • Operator-friendly separate activation with the joystick
  • Infinitely variable adjustment of the flow rate
  • Continuous operation activated with rocker switch

Versatile at the rear.

The basic class SCORPION models can additionally be equipped at the rear with a double-acting connection, which can also be used in single-acting mode, and placed in permanent operating mode with a rocker switch. For the SCORPION VARIPOWER comfort class models, four rear hydraulics packages are available:

  • Single-acting connection for tipper operation
  • Single-acting connection and hitch
  • Single-acting and double-acting connection
  • Single-acting, double-acting connection and hitch

Pressure-free implement changes.

For fast and convenient implement changes with no unnecessary oil losses, there must not be any pressure at the couplers. Simply by pushing a button, you can switch the connections of the third control circuit to zero pressure, while the engine is running – either via a rocker switch in the cab, or with a pushbutton control on the boom.

Safe stacking.

For high overhead loading operations, or for added safety in situations where the tilt ram must not be activated in any circumstances, you can simply activate the tilt ram lock from inside the cab. The implement carrier then remains constantly in a horizontal position.